The Muktangan educational model

The Muktangan educational model

Muktangan has developed an alternative model of inclusive, child-centred, community-based education within the mainstream education system. We pride ourselves on providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum underpinned by a constructivist approach where children and teachers are encouraged to formulate knowledge for themselves rather than rote learn.

What makes the Muktangan schools different?

The constructivist approach 

It is not enough to be taught through rote learning. Muktangan students build their own understanding, opinions and knowledge. They are empowered to be active learners. Muktangan follows the state curriculum in innovative ways. The ‘plan-do-review’ approach encourages logical, active thinking, followed by the fulfillment of each child's ideas and decisions. Children are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt. 

The classroom environment

Muktangan classrooms are spacious so that children can sit in three circles; each with its own teacher, blackboard and resources. Small group sizes mean that younger children receive much more support from their teacher. 

All resources and stationery are provided in an accessible manner in different curriculum related areas in the classroom. The children willingly collaborate to take care of the classroom arrangement and resources in a responsible manner and ensure things are kept tidy.

The Muktangan teacher training programme

Muktangan's in-house teacher education programme develops the skills of local people from marginalised communities, predominantly women. This arrangement is highly sustainable and largely self sufficient; local children taught by local teachers, taught by local trainers.

Muktangan’s trusted reputation within the local community means that many apply for the teacher education programme. Trainees are taught by in-house Muktangan staff, ensuring that Muktangan’s unique educational philosophy is passed on.

Once our trainees become teachers, their education does not stop. Integrated in-service training maintains teacher motivation and growth through ongoing faculty support in classrooms, daily planning meetings with professional teacher educators and continuing English language classes.

"Working at Muktangan has changed my life a lot. Lots of my time was wasted when I was at home. I had studied but there was no output, I was just at home. Empty mind is devils house! I wanted to go out in the world and do something. Since working at Muktangan my confidence has improved so much. Before, I couldn’t talk in English, I hated English a lot! But nowadays I can communicate so well in English.

It has changed things for my daughter. I now know more about the education world and how it is changing. I am able to pass knowledge on to my daughter. As I learn things I can pass them on to my daughter. At many Indian schools there are 80 pupils in a class, there is no curriculum and education quality isn’t very good, so I am glad I can help my daughter learn by passing on the things I learn at Muktangan. My family have been very very supportive of me working at Muktangan"

Smita, Muktangan teacher