Muktangan's wider impact


Muktangan undertakes outreach initiatives, in addition to the running of its schools and its in-house teacher education programme. These initiatives take shape through special projects and workshops designed to help roll out Muktangan’s educational model and to spread understanding of its benefits.  Scroll down or click on a heading to find out more!

Project ACOTE

The Active Constructive Oriented Teacher Education (ACOTE) is a collaboration between Muktangan and the Maharashtra State Council for Education Research and Training (MSCERT). The project aims to build the skills of education professionals for the ever-changing educational landscape and increasingly vocational environment of the 21st century. 

The project began with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Muktangan, MSCERT and 10 Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) Colleges to establish a ‘Learning’ model of teacher education. Under the project, experienced Muktangan trainers share best teaching practices over a two year period up to May 2018. The training programme seeks to achieve the following:

  • The development of education leadership skills for 10 D.El.Ed college principals

  • The enhancement of teaching and training skills for 50 college teachers

  • The enhancement of teaching skills for 300 trainees and 100 teachers from 50 satellite schools across Maharashtra

The first year of the project has seen college principals taking a fresh look at their roles as leaders in education. 60% of the college teachers have begun implementing the training in their schools, and 40% of the schools have begun to consider alternative classroom teaching practices.

The second year of the programme is focused on continuing the training and putting into practice the lessons learned in year one at all levels of the colleges and schools involved. The programme is also supporting the ongoing development of teacher education materials for all subjects, alongside the continual assessment of the programme outcomes.















The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Curriculum Enhancement and Pedagogy Project

The ECE Curriculum Enhancement and Pedagogy Project is a joint initiative with the Singapore International Foundation. It aims to establish curriculum and assessment best practice within early childhood education and is facilitated by Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs). It brings together 240 ECE professionals from Muktangan schools and other education non-profits, and 2,400 children will benefit as a result.

The project comprises:


  • Workshops on ECE best practice for a group of 40 master trainers, who will then roll out the training to teachers in their own institutions.

  • A management workshop for school and programme leaders.

  • Compilation of a teacher resource guide that will set the standard for ECE teacher education programmes. 

  • A symposium for knowledge exchange and sharing best practices.

  • A study visit to Singapore for selected master trainers who will be able to observe the implementation of best practices in the Singaporean context

The project highlights the importance of early education as the foundation for future academic and social development and supports existing government efforts focused on enhancing ECE and learning in the state of Maharashtra. The project was launched in July 2017 at an event attended by the Hon’ble Principal Secretary of Maharashtra School Education & Sport Department, Shri Nand Kumar and the Governor of the Singapore International Foundation, Juthika Ramanathan.



Pedagogy Workshops

Since the start of 2015, Muktangan has held an ongoing series of workshops on teaching theory and practice. These workshops have centred around:

  • Pre-School Engagement and Readiness (ECE Dept)

  • Pre-School - Making Mathematics Meaningful to Children

  • Magic and Fun, it’s Science for Everyone!

  • Connecting Social Studies to the World Outside the Classroom

  • Fun with Language

  • Library as a Resource Centre

  • Pastoral Care

  • Special Education

The aim of these workshops is to share Muktangan’s unique teaching principles and methods with external educators. The workshops improve on routine teaching-learning processes and inspire curiosity and creativity in the learner.

The workshops are run on Saturdays at the Muktangan Teacher Education Centre, located at one of Muktangan’s schools. Here, educators from different contexts, including public and private schools and NGOs are invited for a day-long training session on each of the topics listed above.


Over the last three years, Muktangan has held 45 of these workshops, which have been attended by nearly 1,000 education professionals from more than 100 organizations.


























The Early Childhood Education Curriculum Enhancement and Pedagogy Project Launch

Inaugural Project Workshop

Workshop on empathetic teaching - October 2016

Conceptual Understanding in Early Childhood Education - October 2016


MSCERT officials and College Principals wearing each other’s hats 

Building training and teaching skills using the CREDA (Concrete, Representation, Explanation, Discussion & Algorithm) sequence to plan practical and engaging Maths lessons for children