Three cheers for the graduates of 2015!

Muktangan Standard 10 students have – for the second year running – brought home a fantastic set of results in the SSC Board exams.

This was the second batch of students who have grown with us from Kindergarten to Grade 10 in our first school, and we are pleased to say that they have repeated the achievements of their predecessors in achieving a 100% pass rate.

Not only that, but 60% of the 52 students were awarded an overall distinction, and 90% achieved over 70% in the - generally feared! - subject of Mathematics. The class average was an excellent 76% - with 2 students achieving particularly exceptional results above 90%.

These results provide further proof – is any were needed! – that Muktangan’s commitment to inclusive education is working. The 5 special children within this batch (1 autistic and 4 dyslexic) obtained a combined average of 76% (Distinction). When considered alongside last year’s batch (in which all 42 students, including 8 certified differently-abled, passed with Ist Class & above, aggregate average 73%) it’s clear that Muktangan’s community owned education model is delivering consistently excellent academic results.

We send a huge congratulations to the students and teachers, whose hard work has secured these outstanding outcomes.

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