Meet Ashish.

We are immensley proud of the work done by Muktangan teachers to help their pupils to fulfil their potential and prepare them for the lives ahead. Here, Asish, one of the first students to go through Muktanga, reflects on his experiences at a Muktangan school.

Ashish is a Muktangan alumnus from our first batch (2013-2014) of SSC students. Having graduated from Muktangan in 2014, he has just achieved an impresive 82% in his Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations in the Commerce stream. He is now hoping to become a Chartered Accountant, and is preparing to enrol for a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting in Mumbai.

Ashish left Muktangan with a strong academic record but also had the opportunity to develop his innate flair for dramatics and music. He performed with the Muktangan choir at the National Centre for Performing Arts and, while in standard 6, was featured in the documentary, ‘The Sound of Mumbai’ directed by the award winning filmmaker Sarah McCarthy. He also developed a keen interest in sports - and played zonal and inter-zonal football matches!

Looking back at his time at Muktangan, Ashish said that the main thing he took from his time there was "my confidence":

"From annual functions, donor and celebrity visits, competitions and workshops to the activeconstructivist classroom pedagogy, Muktangan gave me experiences that turned me into a more confident and outspoken person. I can now dream big."

Muktangan taught me to speak my mind, I could express myself, my thoughts, but in a class of 180 [as in many schools in India] there’s just one teacher to hear each of us and 50 minutes to teach.”

“Muktangan is not just a school; it’s a home away from home.”

If you could support a student like Ashish through their education at Muktangan, then please consider signing up as a monthly donor.

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