Muktangan achieves 100% exam pass rate - again!

Muktangan has once again achieved a 100% pass rate in the final year exams!

Students scored an average of 68% overall, with Maths results being especially high with an average score of 71%. This is the fourth year in a row that all Muktangan students have passed; testament to the innovative Muktangan educational model. As the graph below shows, Muktangan students even outperformed their private schools peers in Mumbai.

Outstanding student Mayuri was top of the class with 92%! Mayuri has been at Muktangan since pre-school. Her teachers say she is one of the most sincere and regular students in the class. Mayuri enjoys reading books and is passionate about music. She dreams of becoming a doctor in future. With such fantastic exam results, we’re sure Mayuri will achieve this dream.

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