Muktangan reaches out to transform education in Wada village

Muktangan doesn’t only transform the lives of the students and teachers in its schools; its reach extends much further.

Between 2014 and 2016, Muktangan worked in collaboration with another NGO, the Learning Space Foundation (LSF), in the Palghar district of Maharashtra to initiate and complete a pilot outreach project in the administrative division of Wada.

Before the project, Wada, located in the tribal belt, had a poor learning infrastructure and the majority of students were 1st generation learners. Wada also experiences constant population migration.

Wada village

With Muktangan and LSF working as knowledge and implementation partners respectively, the project aimed to provide a holistic learning environment that would fit the rural culture and educational context.

Muktangan faculty and LSF facilitators

Muktangan worked with 15 LSF facilitators over three years to build the teaching capacity and pedagogic knowledge of teachers in 30 Anganwadies (pre-schools) and 22 village schools (years one and two), who would then impart a constructivist curriculum like Muktagan’s in their own classrooms. The project led to improved classroom infrastructure and a developmentally appropriate curriculum for students to thrive.

Wada students working in small groups as per the Muktangan model

After the immense success of the pilot project Muktangan, LSF and The Govardhan Eco Village, another organization working with schools in the district, are working together to expand the project to 271 pre-schools and 150 village schools this academic year!

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