Muktangan UK's First Ever Football Tournament is a Huge Success!

On Sunday 23 September, Muktangan UK hosted its first ever Five-A-Side football tournament, where eight teams battled it out to claim the title of the 2018 Muktangan UK Five-A-Side Champions.

All our competing teams brought their A-game; one team even brought a coach! Despite the Met Office weather warnings, we managed to bring the sunshine for an afternoon of great football.

The competition was fierce in the group stages, with each team playing the other three in their group. After two games ending in a draw in Group A, One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest beat LEKs Get Physical by just one point, to join Lunk's Junk in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, in Group B, Benteke Fried Chicken and Dirty Studs cruised through to the top of their table, earning them both a spot in the semis. In between games, our players talked tactics, practised passing and re-fuelled with energy drinks and donuts.

The semi-finals saw One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest vs. Benteke Fried Chicken and Dirty Studs vs. Lunk's Junk. Both semi-finals were tightly contested and after some brilliant play by all our semi-finalists, the final was decided: Benteke Fried Chicken and Dirty Studs were to have a rematch from the group stages for ultimate bragging rights - the Muktangan UK title.

In the final, chances came at both ends, but it was Benteke Fried Chicken who drilled home the only goal of the game to clinch the title. Meanwhile, One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest soared to win the third place playoff, beating Lunk's Junk.

Big congratulations to our winners Benteke Fried Chicken who won all five of their games!

We would like to thank all our teams for coming along to support our cause and remind you that in the end, you ALL get a prize for participation!

For even more photos, head over to our Facebook page:

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